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Reef Rampage:The Ultimate Surf Showdown in Malta

Hey there surf enthusiasts!

Valerio Cicconi here, and let me take you through the incredible day we had at the

Reef Rampage surf competition organized by the Malta Surf and SUP Association.

It went down at Marley's surf spot on Sunday, 21st January 2024.

Picture this - a gathering of 20 surfers from across the globe, all ready to conquer the waves at Bahar ic-Caghaq in Malta.

The competition was fierce, with heats narrowing down the lineup until we reached the final four. Fabulous prizes awaited the top three surfers who showed their prowess on the waves that day.

The previous surf competitions saw winners from Brazil, but this year, the tables turned as French-American friend, Hadrien Meilleur, emerged victorious, outshining everyone.

His skills were on another level, and he truly earned the top spot.

This year was extra special for me because, unlike the past events where I was primarily organizing, I decided to jump back into the competition. It was a blast! I felt more relaxed, genuinely enjoying the thrill of competing against my friends. Although I gave it my all, unfortunately, I bowed out in the semifinals. No worries, though – I'll be better prepared for the next one, you can count on that! (Haha :P)

Marley’s surf spot is no walk in the park; it's a tricky one with a shallow reef that greets any surfer wiping out in the gnarly zone. This aspect makes the Reef Rampage competition a true test, filtering out the beginners and showcasing Malta's top surfing talent.

A massive shoutout to our sponsors who powered the event:

- Malta Surf School


- FunderPro

- Dr. Juice

- Decathlon

- Quiksilver

- Billabong

- Cool Cat Design

A special congratulations to Hadrien Meilleur. Your victory was well-deserved, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you in the upcoming competitions.

Stay tuned, everyone – the surf scene in Malta is just getting started, and there's more excitement to come!

A special thanks to Christopher Mifsud Photography for capturing every spectacular moment of Reef Rampage.

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