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Malta Surf and Sup association
Malta Surf and Sup association

Surfers of Malta, unite under the warm Mediterranean sun! Our splendid island has birthed a new association, passionately crafted for the love of our cherished sport.

Five enthusiastic souls have come together to give life to the Malta Surf and SUP Association. With an official Sports Association status in our sights, our journey kicked off with an intimate gathering at the Malta Young Sailors Club in St. Paul’s Bay. Over 30 local surfers poured in, sharing their visions and ideas before we formally submitted our application.

Let me proudly present our illustrious board members:

🌊 President: Valerio Cicconi - Proud representative of the Malta Surf School

💰 Treasurer: Katerina Cicconi - Another shining star from the Malta Surf School

📝 General Secretary: Rudy Dorekens - A force to reckon with from the Malta Skateboarding

Association & Malta Street Sports Association

⚖️ Legal Officer: Alessandro Oliverio

🌟 Vice President: Mark Strijbosch - A noteworthy figure from the pages of Bomba surf magazine

Bearing the banner "for a better future of surfing," our association sets forth on a mission to elevate the status of surfing in Malta. With official recognition, our aim is to empower local surfers, champion our beloved sport, and be stewards of our precious environment. Through strategic funding, we dream of enhancing our events, meetups, and competitions, creating a lively surf culture along our shores.

Our commitment transcends mere promotion; we vow to instill surf etiquette, prioritize safety measures to prevent accidents, and lead the charge in environmental conservation, all while nurturing our ever-growing community.

The doors to membership are wide open, welcoming you with the promise of exclusive discounts at handpicked outlets and stores across the island, including:

🌴 Oakberry

🏄‍♂️ Billabong & Quiksilver Malta

🌊 Bomba

🏄‍♀️ Malta Surf School

And more exciting collaborations await on the horizon!

President Valerio exclaims, " Malta Surf Association è nata con l'obiettivo di coltivare una comunità di surf vivace e solidale sulla nostra incantevole isola. Insieme, possiamo plasmare un futuro radioso per il surf a Malta."

Stay tuned for the latest surfing updates on Bomba and follow the Malta Surf and SUP Association on Instagram for an exclusive glimpse into our journey.

malta surf and sup association first group photo
Malta surf and sup associaton


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