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No more flat day :) 

A surf skate is surfing simulator! The front truck allows movements similar to a surfboard. The turning dynamics of the surf skate truck allows short and flawless turns like surfing. Even if you have no experience in surfing: it doesn’t matter. The movements become very natural and easy to learn.

Do you have already experience with Surf , GREAT !!!

Surf Skate lesson are a great opportunity to continue improving your Surf technique on days without waves.

Come and discover an ideal way to enjoy the sensations that surf brings you and prepare for your next session at sea.

What's Included

  •  Your own expert Instructor guide

  • Surf skate 

  •  Full safety briefing 

  • All protection gear  helmet , knees , wrist and hands pads)

  • Free photos

Surf skate lesson in Malta with surf coach Valerio of Malta surf school
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