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SURF MALTA , SURF Spot malta, FAJTATa surf spot!

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

During my staying in Malta and studying the Malta surf Forecast and driving with my car up and down to all island, a the end i find a very nice reef on the South , the exactly point is St Thomas bay , i was so excited and soon i saw that waves i understand that i was going to have one of the best day in my life as as best Surf day in Malta.

Surf Coach Cicco

Malta Surf School

Surf spot Malta Fajtata - Surf Coach Cicco - Malta Surf School

As a International Surf Coach i will recommend this waves only to a more skilled surfer can surf off a reef break such as the ones at St Thomas Bay and Pembroke " Marleys";

he or she will know where the rocks are and have the skill and confidence to manoeuvre the board. For a beginner, it is important to start on a sandy beach for safety reasons."

Surf Spot Malta Fajtata - Surf Coach Cicco - Malta Surf School ph. Joseph Camilleri

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