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Surf a Malta, my favorite surf spot" marleys", ADVANCED* REEF *

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

“Marleys is my favorite Surf spot a Malta is a good reef break surf location that comes with a north-easterly wind, this location is only suitable for advanced surfers.

Marleys is a good left hand wave, and is very important to check always the Malta Surf forecast to get right in time to surf this challenge left hand waves.

Surf Coach Valerio of Malta surf school ,here he surfing the wave of Marleys on the east coast of the Maltese island. This is one of the most dangerous Maltese waves on the biggest day.
Surf spot Malta - Marleys - Malta Surf School

To find Marleys "my favorite" surf spot a Malta spot , you need to get the main coast road and we you are just on front Las palmas Restaurant you need to turn left , once you are in the square you will find some food truck, just go bit more straight pass the restaurant La Scogliera and the access is from the concrete jetty on the left, The paddle is quite easy , but with the Ne wind onshore or Cross shore can be very hard to stay in position , watch out at the buoy during the bigger set, and never go straight!!!

Surf Coach Valerio

Malta Surf School

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