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malta 2nd surf competition Gt Open Smirnoff Edition. 17th december 2017

A beautiful day of Mediterranean waves with excellent weather last December 17 in Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, where the second edition of the GT Open Smirnoff Edition took place.

The contest, organized by Valerio Cicconi owner of Malta Surf School, saw the participation of 30 local and non-local surfers from different areas of the island but also from Australia, Italy and South Africa, who gathered on the spot north-west of the small state to give the best of itself.

The now tested organisation machine of Malta surf school guaranteed a perfect running of the event, also thanks to the waves of good consistency that could be surfed throughout the day, accompanied by moderate active winds. The Italian ready to fight for the prizes offered by the sponsors Smirnoff, Rip Curl, Go&Fun energy drink and rebel is Davide "Sciacalletto"

Pulvirenti, a local from Ostia town of the coast of Rome known and respected among the veterans of the beautiful country.

Sciacalletto arrived in the final in front of the large crowd present in the bay, where the local surfer Ben Martinez and the Australian Mick Hay, from Coff Harbour, found themselves in the last heat: Pulvirenti showed the best of all and taking home the title of the 2nd Gt Open Smirnoff Edition. At the end of the beautiful day many celebrations on the beach warmed up by a good dose of alcoholic beverages

Photo Courtesy: Tatiana Borisenko

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