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Malta Surf School | Water sports activities

Malta Surf School is where surfing started in Malta and truly blossomed. They offer excellent water sports activities you and your friends can try.

Behind the brand of this all-inclusive surfing school is Valerio and his wife Kat! (aka blondie); you will find their lovely faces welcome you with open arms to each of their activities, such as SUP(Stand Up Paddle), a stand-up paddle tour and much more.

Valerio has dedicated years to surfing and other water sports activities; his wife Kat runs the show in the summer for the SUP groups, which are the perfect kind of activity you will want to try when you visit Malta. Not only are the sunsets just the ideal view - you’re always in good company too.

Before you take a paddle out, Malta surf school, ensure you’re well informed on the rules, safety precautions and much more before heading out onto the water. They’ll also give you a quick introduction to how to stand on the board and how to manoeuvre whilst on the water. If there’s anything that you want to know before entering the ocean, Malta surf school will be more than happy to answer it.

Malta surf school will cater to whatever water sports you want to participate in. Safety is their number one motto; that’s why they ensure all safety measures are informed before heading out to the water and even before a demonstration is completed. The word on the sand is that there could even be Wakeboards on his activities list when Summer arrives; however, it’s not yet set in stone.

Malta surf school has created a community of different surfers, paddle boarders, wakeboarders, skimboarders, and so much more; they operate in such a homely manner that even if you’re a foreigner, you’ll feel right at home.

The booking process for a water sport activity is as simple as a park walk. Valerio and his team make it incredibly easy to book, provide consistent wave updates and more. You will always know when your lesson is taking place and a general overview of the wave conditions on that day, hour by hour.

At Malta Surf school, their motto is:

“Come surf with us, play safe and have fun”.

And they certainly deliver that in their lessons. You’re welcomed and given years of wisdom about water sports and the chance to practice it in the safety of Malta Surf School.

The mentality on the beach is that every person participating in water sports must be taken care of. You are taught never to surf or practice water sports alone, and that is to ensure your safety.

This has created a ‘Home away from Home’ atmosphere in that everyone feels like a friend on the beach regardless of their background.

Water sports activities are celebrated at Malta surf school; they do this by taking photos of every surfing lesson, SUP Paddle lesson and more. You can take the memory home and the instant gratification you seized your day.

Besides that, Malta surf school advocates for bringing a community together; alongside their socials, they have groups where all surfers/water sport activists are welcome. The group provide wave updates, weather warnings and information regarding lessons and prices. This has been the rock of Malta surf school’s consistency throughout the years.

Valerio dreamt of having a surfing scene in Malta. He had travelled to exotic places like Australia, Bali, and more. He had learnt the craft of surfing and the culture that comes with it. When he arrived in Malta, the surfing scene did not exist. When Malta Surf school started, Valerio saw a will and created the way.

Now if we head on to the present, 2023, he is doing above and beyond to keep the water sports community alive and kicking. From surfing competitions to daily lessons to surf and skate lessons, he keeps the ball rolling with activities to try out.

If you visit Malta any time of year, Malta surf school and its team will have a new activity for you to try out.

In Malta, water sports activities are limited without Malta surf school; few providers can match their conditions. They provide a fun, safe and welcoming atmosphere, and their wholesomeness is infectious to anyone.

No matter what mood Blue January has gotten you, you can rely on Malta surf school to change that around.

In short, come and say hello to Malta Surf School.

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